The e-cigarettes find their happiness!

Although the e-cigarette is controversial as to its possible dangers, many doctors recommend it because it is considered to be an excellent means of facilitating smoking cessation. However, for the transition to the vapour to be successful, the right equipment must be chosen. In addition, the full nicotine dose must be maintained during the first weeks of withdrawal to avoid the risk of relapse.


When it comes to choosing your first e-cig, we should prefer only models with a battery with long battery life, high resistance, a clearomizer instead of rebuildable atomizer … with an easy grip.

E-smoker: how to start in the vape?

So that we can well engage his turn to the vape, we must be equipped with good equipment. It is more interesting to start with a complete kit for beginners, then gradually evolve towards more powerful equipment.

As for the choice of the e-liquid, it seems wiser to try several in order to easily get your hands on the rare pearl. One must ensure that the nicotine dosage corresponds to his smoking profile.



The reason why many consumers prefer inhalation by vaporization is that it allows cannabidiol to act very quickly. Once vapourized, CBD goes directly into the bloodstream through the respiratory tract, where it acts almost immediately. This form of inhalation can be done via :


To vaporize CBD, devices with resistors of a minimum value of 1 ohm should be preferred to sub-ohm type devices. They offer a tighter draft with less steam and allow the vaporizer not to exceed the ideal power for vaporizing CBD: 15W.


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