Why switch to the electronic cigarette?

Today 2 reasons encourage a smoker to give up his traditional cigarette to buy his 1st electronic cigarette. The first is obviously the desire to stop smoking. More than 80% of smokers say they feel addicted to cigarettes and want to stop. The 2nd is curiosity about the e-cigarette, a phenomenon greatly accentuated by the extensive media coverage of the electronic cigarette. If vaporization and somewhat different, it is no longer smoke but steam, some facts argue in favor of the electronic cigarette:

The preservation of the gesture and the principle of inhalation

Lack of gesture is the 2nd cause of relapse when you quit smoking. Thanks to the e-cigarette, there is no break and therefore no lack. The vaporizer retains the usual and familiar gesture of inhalation. The only difference is that it changes from smoke to steam, and the time of vaporization is no longer defined by the product as is the case with the traditional cigarette which has a burning time of 7 minutes on average. The steamer therefore to define itself its own break time.

The management of his nicotine addiction

The range of e-liquids sold consists of e-liquids with and without nicotine, and especially 4 different nicotine grammages (6 mg, 11 mg, 16 mg and 19.6 mg). You can therefore start to vaporize while maintaining the nicotine intake required by your body (see our tool to help you choose e-liquids), then gradually decrease the nicotine dosage to gradually get rid of your nicotine addiction. Note that it is quite possible to fill the atomizer with 2 different nicotine grammages to control even more easily his addiction. However, we advise you not to mix the flavors of e-liquids for obvious taste reasons to understand.

No weight gain, nor depressive phenomenon

This control of your gestural habits and nicotine addiction make a smooth transition to the electronic cigarette without lack or frustration. You do not feel this need to compensate by eating more often or this purely psychological decline that any smoker can feel when he decides to quit.

The drastic reduction of your cigarette budget

As you can measure with our savings calculation tool, the tobacco budget is often reduced by more than 80% when you switch to the electronic cigarette. These are several hundred or even thousands of euros that you can save each year with the electronic cigarette.

The end of tobacco odors

Switching from smoke to steam removes tobacco-related odours. The steam generated by an electronic cigarette is odourless. Only a few subtle aromas can sometimes be perceived, depending on the scent of liquids, but the steam leaves no odour on clothes or in rooms where you may be required to vaporize. The electronic cigarette is therefore an indisputable comfort for you and your entourage.

The respect of your entourage

To date, no study has proven any risk related to passive vaporization. Pending further studies we will remain cautious, although it seems that the electronic cigarette is not dangerous for the entourage of vaporisers, unlike tobacco, whose risks of passive smoking are proven.
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