The switch to the electronic cigarette has advantages not only for the smoker himself but also for his entourage. Indeed, an e-cigarette does not burn tar or other toxic substances. For this reason, there is no more passive smoking. Bad breath and smelly clothes are also a thing of the past.

Progressive smoking cessation

Since its invention, the e-cigarette has emerged as a smart alternative to the classic cigarette. The beneficial effects on health are well known. For example, the smoker coughs less and less and his general health and physical condition improves significantly and the risk of cancer and heart attack decreases. The benefits of the electronic cigarette have been scientifically demonstrated. There is no doubt that they are multiple. There are several good reasons to start that the electronic cigarette allows a gradual smoking cessation for those who want to stop smoking. The electronic cigarette gives off steam. Of which, it has an aromatic taste instead of leaving floating in the air a smell of acrid smoke. The smoker who is used to holding a cigarette between his fingers can keep his gesture but without harming his health.

Practical benefits

In addition to the health benefits, the benefits of the electronic cigarette are also noticeable in everyday life. An electronic cigarette produces only aromatic vapour and there is no combustion smoke. The smell of nicotine on clothes, in the car or in the house is a thing of the past. Thanks to the e-cigarette, the smoker no longer needs to empty ashtrays or find a place to smash a cigarette butt more or less discreetly. As this specific cigarette does not present any health hazard, the vaporizer no longer needs to go on the bacon to smoke or leave the dining table, etc.. There are only advantages to the electronic cigarette and smokers can fully enjoy tobacco at different levels of nicotine concentration or completely nicotine-free.

Supporting money savings

Smokers who quit generally recognize the benefits of the electronic cigarette. Switching to the e-cigarette also means saving money because it is rechargeable and can be used up to two hundred times with the same battery. In addition, the price of flavors, even the most expensive, are significantly cheaper than buying a carton of conventional cigarettes. Thus, this specific cigarette is also a better solution for beginner smokers.