Feeling of dry throat when I spray

Many smokers use the electronic cigarette in order to stop smoking. However, it is well known, the sensation of dry throat during vaporization is quite unpleasant. Sometimes light and transient, it can be tougher at times. It is also a little strange that the water vapor of an electronic cigarette causes a sensation of dry throat. This article explains why you have this sensation when steaming.

Why does steaming dry your throat?

This dryness is characterized by the throat irritation reflex. Usually, it is the vapor coming out of the electronic cigarette that causes it. Chronic inflammation in the respiratory tract caused by long-term active smoking can also be the cause. Indeed, smoking causes lesions in the respiratory tract. Also note that conventional cigarettes contain a substance that prevents the smoker from having a dry throat. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes do not. The sensation of a dry throat also comes from the fact that too much nicotine reaches the mouth. You must therefore reduce the level of nicotine in your liquid in order to eliminate the sensation of a dry throat. Find the right balance between nicotine levels and potency.

Avoid this sensation by adapting the way you spray

Since the vapor of e-cigarettes is denser and thicker than the smoke of conventional cigarettes, you have to adapt your way of inhaling the vapor and inhale longer and slower. Due to the heat of combustion, the pull of a conventional cigarette is much tighter than the pull of an e-cigarette. That of the e-cigarette is different because its steam cools as soon as it comes into contact with the air. Therefore, the stronger you pull, the more the mixture of steam and air dries the throat.

Avoid this feeling by changing the nicotine dosage

Another way to avoid the dry throat sensation is to use e-liquids that contain lower nicotine levels or no nicotine at all. Once you get used to the vaporizer, you can adjust the dosage to suit your needs. You can also choose an electronic cigarette with nicotine salt. The latter is suitable for heavy smokers, especially those who need a higher nicotine level. They allow you to reach the concentration of nicotine in your blood to facilitate detoxification and limit the feeling of cravings throughout the day without drying out your throat. The electronic cigarette with nicotine salt makes it easier to stop smoking.
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