Which e-liquids to choose: organic, normal, scented, or make them yourself?

The electronic cigarette is an electrical equipment that helps to simulate the action of smoking tobacco. Indeed, the electronic cigarette produces an artificial smoke or vapor that looks exactly like the smoke generated by burning tobacco. By using the e-liquid, the steam does not smell like tobacco. In addition, the electronic cigarette is supposed to contain fewer carcinogens and less tar. Otherwise, it is important to know how to choose your e-liquid?

Families of e-liquid for electronic cigarette

A person who starts using electronic cigarettes, will appreciate or not the first experience depending on the e-liquid he has chosen. He may turn away from electronic cigarettes to use conventional cigarettes, if he does not appreciate the flavor of e-liquid. It is therefore essential to learn about the different types of e-liquid to be able to choose the right e-liquid.

Tobacco or normal flavors

This is ideal for beginners because a smoker must first get used to his new equipment. This flavour does not take him away from the tobacco taste and he will then be able to test other flavours as he goes along. However, the choice of your tobacco flavor will be made according to your desires and your habits.
  • Mint flavours
Mint e-liquids provide a fresh feeling and often remind you of the taste of menthol cigarettes. They are very popular flavors for vaporisers.
  • Fruity flavors
E-fluids with fruity flavours are very pleasant because they allow the vaporizer to vary the pleasures.
  • Gourmet flavors
Gourmet e-liquids offer you original flavours such as cakes or sweets.
  • Drink flavors
E-fluid drinks have the taste of coffee, mojito, cola... However, they are generally associated with other flavours.

The composition of an e-liquid

In principle, an e-liquid contains four components: nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavours. Propylene glycols or vegetable glycerines are the base liquids of an e-liquid and very often contain flavours and nicotine. The e-liquids are sold separately and are put in mini plastic vials.

Storage of e-liquids

It is advisable to keep e-liquids away from light and it is best to keep it at a constant temperature or even cool. However, people who are allergic to nicotine, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular risks or breathing problems should not use electronic cigarettes.
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What is the composition of e-liquids?

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