Which model of electronic cigarette to choose when you start?

The electronic cigarette is intended for people who want to escape the addiction of conventional cigarettes. It is suitable for all types of smokers, but you must make the right choice. Thus, to start well in the electronic cigarette, you must choose the model that will put you at ease from the start.

An electronic cigarette, what is it?

The electronic cigarette was created in 2001 by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. His goal was to produce an effective product capable of stopping addiction to conventional cigarettes. The first version of this pharmacist has been improved over time and with the changing demand from smokers. For its composition, the electronic cigarette is composed of a battery, a clearomizer and it vaporizes an electronic liquid containing nicotine. As a beginner, choosing your first electronic cigarette is not done at first glance. On the other hand, if you decide to start smoking this cigarette, you won't see the difference with the tobacco cigarette. They both feel the same.

What are the different types of electronic cigarette suitable for a beginner?

There are different kinds of electronic cigarettes suitable for beginners. They are available in different formats such as tube, pod or box. The pod and the tube are more discreet, because they are small in size and fit easily in a bag or even in the pocket. However, they have a low battery life and therefore little performance. On the other hand, the box allows you to vaporize longer, because it has a long autonomy and high power. The latter is less discreet, because it is a little larger. Each kit corresponds to the type of smoker you are. Whether you are an occasional, moderate or experienced smoker. Choosing your first electronic cigarette will then depend on your desires.

How to choose your first electronic cigarette?

Choosing your first electronic cigarette is a little difficult. It is however available in different models and corresponding to any type of profile. If you are a beginner, you must take into account the autonomy and resistance of it. However, as a smoker, you must know the nicotine level that suits your body. You should therefore not rush into a high nicotine level pattern and regret it afterwards. As a beginner, you must dose each component correctly to go step by step and enjoy it, otherwise you will soon get bored and return to bad habits.
What is an electronic cigarette?
What is the composition of e-liquids?

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